"God sets the lonely in families" - Psalm 68:6

Thursday, October 24, 2013

We're Moving to Irvine!

It's official!  We just signed a two year lease for a beautiful, three bedroom condo in the Northpark community of Irvine. We are so excited!  This fall our boys started attending a new school in Irvine (on a district transfer) and we've been hoping to move closer to their school for the last few months.  The condo is just one block away from Jordan's best friend, Cole, and about four blocks away from Aidan's best friend from our new school, Ethan.  This Tuesday I told the boys that we got the condo when I picked them up at school.  It was so heart warming to watch them share the news with their friends at school.  They were running around shouting, "We're moving to Northpark!".   Some of their new friends were even hugging them!  Wow!  The boys will be able to walk or ride their bikes to school and we're so grateful to be able to live in community with families from the school.
One of the things that we love about Northpark, Irvine, is the international diversity.  There are 27 different languages spoken at the boys' school and they have Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist friends who talk openly about their beliefs.  Our school is 40% Asian, so our family fits right in!  We're looking forward to living closer to our church and being able to invite families to join us.  As leaders of The Village Church of Irvine, we're thankful to be living in Irvine again!

We get the keys to our new home on Fri, Nov 1, and plan to move on Sat, Nov 9.  If you live in So Cal, we would LOVE your help!  Jenni will be leading our Guatemala trip (of 15 volunteers from 4 states) from November 23-20, so it's going to be a full and unforgettable month!  We're throwing a garage sale this Sat, Oct 26, and have lots of items to sell.  This is our third time downsizing and we're actually enjoying cleaning, purging and organizing.  As we downsize to a smaller home, we are reminded of the families we serve in Guatemala and El Salvador who have so much less materially, but are rich in faith, joy and contentment.  We are so grateful for the miraculous ways in which God provides for our family.

"The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy" - Psalm 126:3

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The Vision

God spoke this vision regarding our adoption journey to Barbara Lange on March 26, 2010...


I have made the decision to speak our boldly when God speaks to me. Last night as I was washing the dishes I received this "vision" of you. I hesitate to use the word "vision," but what I saw was a slide of your life. As I watched the show in my mind I began to cry because I was so touched by what I saw. You and I have shared many tears these last couple of years, both sorrow and joy. The attachment is what I saw.


Jenni sitting at the South Coast Community Church reception desk with the photo album of her courtship and engagement to Mike.


Jenni performing the gospel message in mime at New Harvest Community Church, showing her heart for the lost and oppressed. Jenni performing the gospel in mime on missions trips everywhere she is able to go. Her Father rejoicing at her obedience and passion.


The anguished look of a woman desperately wanting to have children. Unsuccessful fertility treatements.


God watching over His daughter, His heart breaking as tears flow down her cheeks. He whispers in her ear, "My child, I know how broken you feel, but I have a great plan and purpose for your life. This anguish, this heartbreak, this pain will subside. Joy is on its' way. I needed you to suffer in this way because of My plan is for you. You are going to be an advocate for international adoptions. You are going to spread my gospel this way.


The births of Jordan and Aidan! At last a MOM!


Having experienced the heartbreak of infertility, Jenni's passion for adoption grows.


Jenni's passion for missions and adoption begin to fuse.


The Ramseys start the adoption process for a daughter.


Jenni goes to Washington DC and connects with adoption leaders. Relationships follow, teamwork begins. Jenni begins a new chapter in her life in the intl. adoption network.


The slow adoption process is agonizing to the Ramseys.


Jenni leads a missions team to El Salvador and learns sad news about El Salvador adoptions and specifically their own plans. Heartbroken again, but resolved to press on.


More networking with intl. adoptions, hope for their daughter and another trip to El Salvador. Jordan goes to El Salvador. The orphans are overwhelmed and ecstatic that Jenni returns. Jenni and Jordan build "forever friendships and family" in El Salvador. Jenni's passion increases.


Jenni prepares for third trip to El Salvador in one year. Amazing things happen.


Mike and Jenni, standing now, older, graying hair, surrounded by their sons and their wives, their daughters and their husbands and their grandchildren. Below them are thousands of children joyously celebrating Jenni's life. Her passion to follow her Father's call and purpose on her life is fulfilled. These thousands of children represent all of the orphans, adoptions and ripple affect of her life's work.

A work that could not be accomplished without the pain, suffering and brokeness she endured trying to become a mom.

Well done, my good and faithful servant."

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